South African TV personality, Lalla Hirayama has finally cut the silence over alleged ex-lover, Chris Nkosi rape.

Lalla was called out by comedian, Jason Goliath on social media over the accusation, but despite not being the culprit she responded to the allegations.

While responding in series of tweets, the TV personality revealed some of her personal life and even took out some buried past memories.

Lalla revealed that she spent 5 years with Chris but she was his prisoner as he had control over her life.

“I was reliant on him emotionally, mentally and financially. He made sure of this.”

Lalla also revealed that he kept his life away from her, so she doesn’t know of his moves, but recalled one time when a rape victim revealed to her that Chris had raped her.

She confronted him but he painted all lies and assured her that he would’t do such a thing.

However, Lalla further said she is ready to stand with the rape victim if she re-opens the case.


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