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Detailed List of English Universities In Montreal, Canada

Detailed List of English Universities In Montreal, Canada

This article will provide a comprehensive list of the English universities in Canada, their admission requirements, fees, programs and Scholarship.  This list is aimed at helping international students who wish to study in Montreal.

Montreal being a French speaking province, which makes many of the English speaking students’ to be afraid of applying they. But research has it that they’re some universities in this province that teach her Programs in English. 

About the English Universities in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a city in Quebec with more French speaker’s,  Canada is a bilingual country.  This makes it a home to international students, as it throws her arms open to students from any country.  In Montreal almost all her universities offer her Programs in French,  thou a few university in this area offers her Programs in English.  This article will provide you with details on the English speaking universities and how to process for admission in them.   And Canada has a suitable Environment for learning and they have a diverse culture. 

Is French Dominant in Montreal?

Montreal is located in Quebec, and it is the second largest city in Canada. With the largest population of 77.1% French speaker’s.  Despite being a total French language city they’re some areas that constitute mainly of English speakers like greater Montreal, where English speakers have built a well-established network of educational, social, economic and cultural institutions. Which is why it won’t be hard for you to adapt as an English speaker in that City. 

Does the University of Montreal teach in English?

Yes, the university of Montreal offer’s some of her Programs in English,  but majorly graduate program. But all her Undergraduate degree and graduate degree program are offered in French.  The Université de Montreal is a completely  French language University. Despite some of her graduate program are bilingual.  So those proficient in English are eligible. The only program in graduate degree taught in English is the Vision Science Optometry master’s program. All other programs are bilingual.

Click for bilingual master’s 

Is Montreal a good place for international students?

Yes, Montreal is a good place for international students,  it is ranked by QS as the best cities for international students. Montreal is home to about 45000 international students,  it has some of the best Universities in the world in Quebec and in the world. 

Reasons why you need to study In Quebec

  • Montreal is home to several world class Universities like McGill University, HEC Montreal, John Molson School of Business, Dawson College
  • The cost of living in Montreal is very low, which makes it affordable to international students
  • It is an international City, with a dynamic cultural scene there Francophone, Anglophones and Allophones in the area
  • It is a safe environment, with low crime rate

The city of Montreal is one of the best cities to live in, and has received a very good global reputation international. This city is regarded as the second most happiest city in the world. 

English language Universities in Montreal

Montreal being a French city hasn’t stopped English language Universities from striving,  the English language Universities are two

  • McGill University
  • Concordia University


  • McGill University


This University is a public research University, that was established in 1821, the university offers a wide range of degree program in arts, sciences, medicine, engineering, management etc. This University is one Canada’s best Universities, and is renowned for her research and excellent teaching services. 

Acceptance Rate Of McGill University

This University has a graduate student Acceptance Rate of 29% and an undergraduate student acceptance rate of 41%, making her a competitive University. 

McGill University ranking

This University is highly ranked internationally, it is ranked 2nd in Canada and 31 in the world. Her programs are highly ranked and her research works are cited in several world journal’s. 

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee of this University varies per program

  • Undergraduate Students’  Average tuition fee is between $22,271 – $48,747,  for international students 
  • Average tuition for Quebec students’ is $5,181 – $7,130
  • Average tuition for Canadian students’ $10,557 – $12,526
  • All this covers tuition, ancillary, books and supplies. 

Tuition fee details 

Graduate Tuition fees

Graduate students’ fee for Quebec students’ is $1,272

Graduate tuition fee for Canadian students’ $1,272 – $3,970.05

Graduate tuition fee for international students is $7,818 – $8,710.50

For graduate students click here for details,the%20number%20of%20credits%20taken 

Scholarship,  can accessed in this University through 

  • Concordia University


This University is a comprehensive research intensive University,  it was established in 1974. And located in Montreal Québéc. This University offers  400 Undergraduate degree Programs, and 200 graduate degree program including Master’s.  This University has helped thousands of international students achieve their dreams.  It is among the most innovative universities, in it’s approach to experimental learning, which has helped her students Develop their potentials.

Concordia University Acceptance Rate

This University has an acceptance rate of 62%, with over 51,900  students’ and including more than 9,600 international students in their Undergraduate degree and graduate degree. 

Concordia University and Tuition fee

Concordia University is highly ranked in Canada, it is ranked as Canada top 25 research university and  it is ranked as the best young university in Canada. And generally it is ranked as the 7th best University in Canada. 

Tuition fee

For undergraduate degree see details here 

Graduate tuition fee 

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