Dubai Government Jobs Without IELTS

Dubai is famous for its high quality of life, skyscrapers and many job opportunities. Jobs in Dubai Government in 2022 are open. Dubai is the central hub for all tourists. With around 16 million international visitors, Dubai ranks fourth on the list. Dubai is the most accessible country for all applicants to work in Dubai as the visa process is easy, visa cost is cheap, flights are cheap and there are no language problems in Dubai.

Dubai Government is inviting international applicants to apply for jobs in Dubai in 2022. All jobs in Dubai are without IELTS. There are three types of famous jobs in Dubai or UAE, but most people go to Dubai because it is so diverse. .Three famous jobs in Dubai are hotel jobs like Manager, Waiter, Driver, Taxi jobs, Hala Van jobs and Airport jobs. Dubai Airport Jobs is the most famous job and has many vacancies in Dubai at DXB Airport.

Jobs in Dubai without IELTS. Candidates are not required to provide IELTS results to apply mainly for Dubai jobs. Hotel jobs are also very popular and managers receive high salaries. at the Golden Tulip Hotel Al Barsha, a four-star hotel. I asked the hotel manager at the front desk if they had a good time here.

He said yes, amazing. Did I say how? What about the expenses? He said accommodation is free, food is free, and many tourists pay tips and a good amount of salary from the Dubai government. I have been doing this work for almost 10 years and in 10 years I have built two small houses in my home country.

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“You must apply for Dubai government jobs in 2022.

List of Dubai Government Jobs in 2022

Five Types of Jobs in Dubai as discussed above:

  1. Hotel Jobs
  2. Airport Jobs
  3. Taxi Jobs (Uber, Careem, Hala) RTA
  4. Dubai Government Jobs
  5. RTA (Road Transport Authority) Jobs


  • Emirates DXB Dubai Airport Jobs

The DXB Airport in Dubai is one of the world’s famous Busiest airports. If you have been to Dubai you will be aware of DXB Airport. The DXB Airport is the biggest airport and it needs a lot of employees. There are Plenty of Airport Jobs in Dubai in 2022.

Job Functions at DXB Airport

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Engineering Jobs
  3. Business Technology
  4. Commercial
  5. Corporate Affairs
  6. Human Resource Development
  7. Services & Operation
  8. Strategy & Development

Minimum Salary: The average Dubai Airports monthly salary ranges from approximately AED1,800 per month for Cleaner to AED12,257 per month.

Application Link: To Apply for the Dubai Airport Jobs: Visit Here

  • Hotel Jobs in Dubai

The Hotel Jobs in 2022 are available all year. Each year many applicants move to Dubai for Jobs. Dubai has the best quality of life and a really stronger economy.


  1. Manager
  2. Deputy Manager
  3. Morning Shift
  4. Night Shift
  5. Waiter
  6. Laundry
  7. Driver
  8. Pick and Drop Hotel
  • RTA Jobs in Dubai 2022

Roads and Transport (RTA) Dubai, was founded in 2005. It is responsible for planning and providing an integrated transport system in the Emirate of Dubai. The RTA has a lot of Job opportunities in Dubai for all nationalities.

Dubai RTA Jobs Fields

  1. Civil Engineering(2)
  2. Road and Transport Engineering(2)
  3. Information Security(2)
  4. Strategic Planning(1)
  5. Application Development(1)
  6. Technical Support(1)
  7. Public Health(1)
  8. Information Technology Technician(1)
  9. Human Resources (Human Resources)

Minimum Salary: The Average RTA Dubai Jobs Salary and the Minimum Salary Starts from AED 3,500/month to AED 11,000/month.

How to Apply for the Dubai RTA Jobs: Visit Here

  • Dubai Government Jobs in 2022

The Dubai (UAE) Government Jobs are available in different Cities of UAE including Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. To Apply for the Government of Dubai Jobs they have a huge list of Fields Available.

Position and Fields

  1. Administration Support
  2. Administration, Sales, and Customer Service
  3. Audit and Finance
  4. Audit, Financial
  5. Education
  6. Higher Education, Mentoring, and Guidance
  7. Engineering
  8. Civil Engineering, Marine Engineering
  9. Farming, Fishery, and Agriculture
  10. Farming, Fishery
  11. Health, Safety and Environment
  12. Health and Safety, Waste Management
  13. Human Resources
  14. Talent Management, Organizational Development
  15. Information Technology
  16. Application Development, Infrastructure
  17. Labor, Services Craftsmen and Technicians
  18. Craftsmen, Agriculture Technician
  19. Laboratories
  20. Cytology, Chemistry
  21. Leadership
  22. Senior Leadership, Senior Management
  23. Legal, Judicial and Regulatory
  24. Inspection, Investigation
  25. Media, Marketing and Communication
  26. Media, Marketing, Promotion and Events
  27. Medical
  28. Cardiology, Surgery
  29. Nursing and Allied Health
  30. Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  31. Social, Cultural and Economical
  32. Sociology, Cultural
  33. Statistical and Actuarial
  34. Statistical, Actuarial
  35. Strategy and Quality
  36. Quality and Excellence, Project Management
  37. Travel, Tourism, and Aviation
  38. Travel and Tourism, Aviation

To Apply for the Dubai Government Jobs: Visit Here

  • Dubai Government Education Jobs

Interested applicants can earn around a minimum of AED 10,500 to a maximum of AED 42,400/ month with health insurance, accommodation, airfare, flexible working hours, etc.


  • Easy Visa, No hectic, no long process. Everyone knows how easy Dubai Visa is. And Traveling to Dubai is easy.
  • High Paying Salary.
  • Alot of Tourists and many Job opportunities in Dubai.

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