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Are you looking for any song that is currently not featured here? Look no further, cause we’ve got you covered for real.

All you have to do to get any song which you are looking for featured, is to just follow the below outlined procedures, and we will give you a notification about your music request upon review.

How To Get Your Desired/Requested Song Featured Here.

Below are all you need to get your songs requested granted.

  • Using the form below, send the name of the artiste whose song you’re looking for.
  • After typing the name of the artiste and song you are requesting, kindly add any prefered means of notification you prefer.
  • The accepted means of notification allowed, includes;

    1. Email
    2. Telegram
    3. WhatSapp
  • That’s all. Our admin will review your request, and update you with a link to download the song you requested